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Your team’s last-second game-winning Hail Mary . . . can almost break your heart. —Amy Felix Stewart

Loyal, Strong, True

In one alum’s memory, fall and football are inseparable from father.


Exploring an Ancient Language

For nearly three decades, BYU professor Janis Nuckolls has been unlocking the secrets of Quichua language and culture.


It’s Going to Take Millions

The manager of the refugee initiative for LDS Charities calls for help in a problem “so acute, so intense.”


The Return of the King

In a time of waning faith, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien invited readers to take courage and join in the last battle.

[Sitake]’s a hugger. I've never been a hugger, but I’m becoming a hugger. —Benjamin Cahoon

The Y’s Guys

Former players and lifelong fans, BYU’s new coaches embrace Cougar football’s next chapter.


Hard Times and How to Help

Her family fled Yugoslavia with two suitcases. She survived—and triumphed. What made the difference for this refugee?


Strangers No More

In work with refugees in Germany, an alumna discovers that all stories connect if you follow them deep enough.



Thou Mayest

By using our agency to learn, we increase our agency—and our ability to do good.

First Person

Dirty Laundry

With loathing, love, or laughter — sometimes all three —students tackle one of life’s grown-up chores.

Family Focus

Real Men Get Help

Not seeking treatment for mental-health issues is a mistake.

At the Y

At the Y

Expanding Campus

With the purchase of the Provo High property, BYU is adding 25 acres to its campus.

We care deeply about the safety of our students. —President Kevin J Worthen
At the Y

BYU Sexual-Assault Study Update

The university launched a website in May to obtain feedback on matters related to sexual assault.

At the Y

A Handy Way to Rep the Y

The Hawaiian-born shaka hand symbol seen around the world hearkens back to an LDS fisherman. Now the symbol reps the Y.

At the Y

Wonderfully Weird

Painter and printmaker Walter Askin and lithographer Wayne Kimball love the artistically ironic.

At the Y

Hacking Their Way In

Out of 80 cybersecurity-competition participants, seven were women—and four of those ladies were from BYU.

At the Y

Griz Kid

A grad student is living the dream—helping bears and humans peacefully coexist.

At the Y

Band of Sisters

You’ve heard about BYU’s national-champion men’s rugby team. Now the women are taking the national spotlight.

At the Y

New Engineering Digs

The building will be a five-story conduit for collaboration, right down to its thoroughfares.

Alumni News

Alumni News

Gridiron Men

The coaching staff that produced BYU Football's first winning season in 1929.

Alumni News

Lightening the Y

Obi-Wan Kalani Sitake and the Jed-Ty Detmer put their light sabers to good use.

Alumni News

Looking Back

The 1953 Cougarettes march in the Smith Fieldhouse. The 1907 BYU Mandolin and Guitar Club specialized in dance music.

Alumni News

Learning for Life

How alumni use their BYU education to serve their communities, neighbors, and families.

Alumni News

A Peek Behind the Curtain

BYU alumni who have served as Supreme Court clerks have rich memories of being mentored by the justices.

Are you a BYU fan? No? Well, I think you have the potential of being a great BYU supporter. —Gilbert Williams
Alumni News

Are You a BYU Supporter?

In the heart of Ute country, an unexpected fan reps the Y every day.

Alumni News

Curiosity of the World

Art Rascon, news anchor at the ABC-13 in Houston, is an Emmy Award–winning broadcast journalist.

Keep busy in the face of discouragement. —Susa Young Gates
Alumni News

Courage Amid Affliction

Susa Young Gates (fifth from left) was a steady servant for women, the Church, and BYU.

Alumni News

Getting the Scoop

Curiosity, drive, and a passion for dairy—this BYU alum is one of the country’s top ice-cream experts.